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Traditional Irish Music



Traditional Irish Music, in its many forms, has spread throughout the world and influenced many other musical genres. Today, in Ireland, and elsewhere, many enjoy coming together to play and enjoy traditional Irish music.

This site has been created to provide a source of learning materials for those wishing to extend their knowledge of Irish traditional music. The materials are free.

This site will try to present an ever increasing number of� tunes, (Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, Marches etc), in a variety of electronic formats that have proved useful in the learning of Irish Traditional tunes.

Dip in, enjoy and keep practising.

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For tuition, slow sessions and other events in the South and East of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, visit The East Antrim Traditional Music School:




A total of 49 tunes now available


New Tunes added recently

December 2008

The Cup of Tea (Reel);

Jenny Picking Cockles (Reel);

The Dingle Regatta (Slide).

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A great learning tool. Highly Recommended.
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